The core academic program in the DHIU Assam centre is the 12-year Hudawi Course, a quality synthesis of both religious and secular edueation at higher levels. Admitting meritorious boys of 10-12 years old through a systematic entrance test, the course provide them with a 5-year Secondary, 2-year Senior Secondary and 3-year Degree levels of education here in the campus, followed by two-years of research oriented PG education from the DHIU Home Campus in Kerala. Along with Islanmic and material subjects, the curriculum consists with six languages - Arabic, English, Urdu, Farisi, Hindi and Assamese, IT education, and rigorous training in writing, oratory and presentation and other skills., Sessions on psychological developments, adolescent management, personal grooming. learning skill, gardening, sports and etc., also make part of the curricular and non-curricular design of theHudawi Course. Each and every student should complete a bachelor course from a government university in any of the social science subjects like Sociology, Economics, Political Science, History or Literature alongside the Higher Level Fazilath and Alamiyath subjects for the successful completion of the Hudawi cours.

HADIA National Education Council

Several public education and outreach programs have been planned by HADIA (the organization of Hudawi scholars who have successfully graduated from Darul Huda) including awareness campaigns among the locals on School Admission and Dropout Problems, Basic Religious Education (Maktabs), Computer Literacy, Spoken English, Personality and Skills Development programs, Minority Empowerment programs, etc.

Outreach Programs

  • Develop primary Islamic education through Makthabs
  • life skill training and motivation classes for the school students
  • Moral classes and parenting training for the women and men
  • Pre-marital and Post Marital Counseling

Spacious Classrooms​


Reading Room

Computer Lab

Audio Lab

Science Lab

Seminar Hall


The DHIU Assam centre is a well-structured and student-friendly campus. It ensures facilitates and amenities that provide students with a better learning atmosphere.


Hostel Block

Dining Hall


Comfort Station

Garden & Play ground

Smart Classroom


There are 3l affiliated colleges to DHIU all over India after successful competition of degree level course; the students of affiliated colleges join the DHIU main campus for a two year’s postgraduate studies.

National Institute for Islamic And Contemporary Studies (NIICS).

The national institute for Islamic and contemporary studies was established under DHIU aiming at imparting of Darul Huda model of integrated studies to students hailing from other Indian states. The affiliated colleges under NIICS are:

The off campuses are:

  • Manhaj Al Huda Islamic College , Andhra
  • Dar-Al – Nur Islamic Academy Kashipatana Karnataka
  • Darul Huda Bengal Centre, West Bengal
  • Nur Al- Huda Islamic Academy Madannur Karnataka
  • Quwat Al Islam Arabic College Dongri Maharashtra
  • Darul Huda Hangal Centre, Karnataka
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